Am I Deaf?

GraduationYesterday, our 5 year old daughter graduated from Kindergarden!!! (yes, a regular class in a regular school)

Graduation When we were talking to her recently, we asked her, “What does deaf mean?” She had no clue.

“How about Blind, what does that mean?” “Oh, that means you can’t see.”

“Well deaf means that you can’t hear. Are you deaf?”

“No!” she exclaimed.

It seems like the kids with cochlear implants don’t perceive themselves as deaf since they use their hearing to communicate just like the other kids they meet. They don’t think kids with glasses are blind just because they need glasses!!

Ask your kids what they think. Do they think of themselves as deaf? It sure makes for an interesting conversation.


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  1. zfor said

    Hello again,

    indeed, this is an interesting topic. Our son (4, bilateral CI user) speaks and hears nearly normal, or at least that’s our impression. However, I tend to use the term “deaf” whenever I am speaking about him. Not because I think that he functions as a deaf person, but to draw the attention of our (and his) environment to the fact that he _does_ need some extra attention and help to cope with certain situations.

    However, as he grows, and as we see how great he improves, I must re-think this approach. Our hard of hearing friend also say that this kind of stigma may have a negative effect on his personality. Although I have not asked him yet, I doubt that he has any idea about what “deaf” means.

    One more thing to the topic: check out the study of the Ear Foundation, available hear:


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