Myth # 5 – “Kids With Implants Can’t Sing”

We all have some friends and/or acquaintances, who seem to have very misguided beliefs about cochlear implants and how they work. There is an exhaustive list of myths on Deafbase and on Listen Up.

Sometimes we are horrified by their impressions, other times we just laugh.

We have a list of some of the most-common myths that we’ve come across over the past 5 years. Musical Notes

Here is one famous one:

“People with cochlear implants can’t carry a tune”

🙂 This is one of the funny ones. Now, granted, it is somewhat difficult for those with hearing loss to capture all the nuances of music and singing, this statement as a whole is most definitely not true.

Our 5 year old daughter who is now in Kindergarten, sings her class songs beautifully. (Of course she doesn’t catch all the words, but neither does any other girl in her class. We’ve found that because of her many therapy sessions, she is extra particular to try and learn all the words of the songs properly.)

There are times that the songs are somewhat off tune, but with a MAP, that can be corrected.

Please share with us the myths and misconceptions you’ve encountered when acquaintances meet you with your child.


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