Myth # 4 – “Hair Cell Regeneration”

This myth is gaining in popularity very quickly. We have found that many friends and family members – who had no idea what a cochlear implant was before our daughter got hers – have suddenly become the world’s foremost experts on hearing loss! 🙂

Everyone is suddenly worried that by getting a cochlear implant – your child will be missing out on the upcoming technology that can restore hearing to the damaged hair cells.

This is of course, a ridiculous myth. Although some day science may discover a way to regenerate hair cells in humans, it will be years before this technology is approved for safe use in children. Take a look at the cochlear implant, it was first approved for use in children in 1990, while the first implant was available almost 10 years before then.

Since the approval process takes so long, and we don’t even know where science is holding in this matter, to hold back from implanting your child – and denying their formative years of hearing and language, for the pipe dream of receiving the benefit of hair cell regeneration, is just a plain dumb idea.

Giving your child an implant (or two!) is granting them a gift of life. Do it for them, and do it right away.


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  1. Cherie said

    Stem cells to regenerate hair cells would be wonderful but I’m not withholding speech/sound for my son while waiting for this to get approved. My son deserves the best… and right now it’s cochlear implants.

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