Has Sicko Increased Awareness about Cochlear Implants?

Michael Moore’s latest film released this past weekend has already caused quite a stir in the movie critic world. 'What can I do?' - SiCKOSicko achieved a # 9 spot this weekend even with low coverage. Although most of the reviews were somewhat positive, there seemed to be something noticeably absent from the reviews that we’ve seen so far.

Prominent in the film was the story of a young child who was originally denied coverage for a second cochlear implant, as described in a previous post. We were hoping to see some heavy media coverage about the cochlear implant and its benefits, thereby increasing its awareness to the public. Most implant recipients and their families hate the blank stare they get when they tell people that they have a cochlear implant. It would be nice if this film would expose the world at large to the wonders we experience with them.

However, this does not seem to be the case. None of the reviews I’ve seen so far mention the cochlear implant even with relation to the film, and it appears that most viewers will not come away any more knowledgeable about the implant than before.


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