Free Insurance Support for Cochlear Implant Candidates

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Did you know that you can receive free insurance support if you are having difficulty getting coverage for a cochlear implant?

Cochlear Americas has available a service to provide insurance support for prospective cochlear implant candidates for any company’s CI and Baha devices, at no charge. That means, that even if you are considering an Advanced Bionics or a Med-El cochlear implant, you can still request their assistance with receiving coverage from your insurance company.

As noted in a previous post, many people are having a hard time getting approval for coverage of a bilateral implant. Although many insurance companies are allowing them, there are still a few that can give a hard time.

This service provided by Cochlear Corp., will deal with the insurance company directly to secure coverage of the bilateral implant if it is recommended by your audiologist. Their specialists are trained in dealing with insurance company procedures and bureaucracies, and can get approval a lot faster and easier than you can on your own.

To contact Cochlear’s Insurance Support Team (OHS), call (800) 633-4667.


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  1. Nanette Hyatt said

    Hello! My name is Nanette Hyatt and I have been denied to have Bi-Lateral Cochlear implants because my health plan considers them surgically implanted hearing aids. My doctor and myself have written a letter of appeal. What can I do from there? My doctor and I have tried to get the insurance to understand that it is not considered as a surgically implanted hearing aid and that it is considered as surgically implanted prosthetic. Another thing, my plan is PPO and also they are saying its not medically necessary. Many thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

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