Myth # 2 – “Cochlear Implants Cure Deafness”

When Cochlear Implants first became available, there was this widespread belief that a “cure for deafness” has been found. The myth that is still very popular to this day, is that once a person receives an implant, they are no longer deaf.

A warning posted on the National Association for the Deaf website warns that “cochlear implants are not a cure for deafness.”

Of course, parents of children with cochlear implants know very well that even with a cochlear implant, their child is still very much deaf. Swimming, bathing, school, and even conversations in noisy places are all still very challenging for them. Cochlear implants do provide a tremendous opportunity for the deaf to communicate with general society, and it is only with lots of hard work, patience, and perseverance that they are able to do so.



  1. I serve on the UCI’s Stem Cell PAC and at the meeting tomorrow I will be announcing that the researchars have zeroed in on the bone marrow blastocysts as the best source of stem cells to use to replace the missing hair cells in the cochlea.

  2. Bill Schafer said

    I have had my cochlear implant over one year and I can testify to the need for effort to get the greatest results. I say we need to practice the 4 Ps – Persistant, Patient Practice, with a Positive attitude.

  3. Lucy said

    I am ten years old. I and I am profoundly deaf. I have two cochlear implants. They are very helpfull. I absolotely hate it when people thint that I am “disabled” or ritardered. I have trouble hearing, even though I have a cochlear implant. Yes, I am deaf (whether I have a cochlear implant or not) but NO I am NOT mentally disabled

  4. neuro said

    I think you are doing human trials, at least with children (see the web cordbloodregistry –>> ).
    In this blog you can also stay informed on human trials.

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