Myth # 1 – “Cochlear Implants Connect to the Brain”

Drawing of Cochlear ImplantThis one is easy to figure out!

The myth originates from just about anyone seeing a cochlear implant on a user’s head for the first time. Immediately, the assumption is that the coil and the wires leading up to it are transferring signals directly into the brain.

Of course, the cochlear implant (both the internal or external components) itself is not attached at all to the brain, as is illustrated in this drawing from the National Institute of Health. However, come to think about it, ordinary hearing is actually accomplished by “wires” (nerves) transferring “signals” (physioelectrical impulses) to the brain.

So it turns out that cochlear implants aren’t much different after all.

 Cochlear Implant Myths – Learn the true facts and how to properly educate people about them


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