Are There Actually So Many Deaf Children?

There are various statistics that state the birth rate of hearing impaired to normal hearing children is around 3 of every 1,000 births, with one of those 3 profoundly deaf, or about 1/10 of 1% of the general population.

When doing research for our T-Shirt business, we made a startling discovery. If the numbers above are true, it would mean that approximately 33 children a day born in the U.S. are profoundly deaf. This would indicate approximately 20,000 children a year are born in the U.S. that are profoundly deaf!

When you add up all the numbers, there should be a lot more implant surgeries being performed. However, sadly, only 10-15% of all candidates ever receive a cochlear implant.

This is reflected in the WordTracker Query that I recently performed. Doing research on the words “infant hearing loss”, resulted in only 10 searches per day, with that being the most searched term of all related keywords!

The fact is that there are so many deaf born children every day in the U.S. but so little is being done for them.



  1. It is true, and remember there are other variables that some of the children may not be good candidate for cochlear implant(s). Not every child born have same degree of hearing loss as well.

    I am very much support for infant hearing screening, and the process after the screening test needs much work, because parents will meet the professionals first, before meeting any Deaf role models or mentors. That is bothersome to me, because with this process, parents do get one-sided information regardless they will provide reading materials about all of the different options. Meeting Deaf mentor will make the world of difference for the parents to help with their grieving process and will be given a glimpse of hope that there are an abundance of support system out there.

    Amy Cohen Efron

  2. Bobby said

    This is because most deaf people do not want a cochlear implant. Deaf people have their own language and their own culture. They value their deafness the same way a hearing person values their hearing.

  3. zfor said

    OK, the question is really great. I think we all know that there are so many deaf children (not to mention the adults who lose hearing). Only a relatively small fraction of them ever receives a CI – also in Europe, where I live.

    So the question is not “Are there so many?” but: why don’t they get a CI? Don’t they want to? Money missing? Threatened by ill-minded myths?

    I would really appreciate if you could do some investigations in this topic. It would be also interesting to compare results from US with that of Europe.

    PS: your site is really great.

  4. Insider said


    98% of all deaf children are born to hearing parnets. Deaf culture has a minimal effect on newborns I’m sure.

  5. Insider,

    Where do you get your stats from?

  6. Insider said

    Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Just Google it.

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