Babyworn and Snugfit – More Details

As previously noted, Cochlear is about to release the Babyworn accessory for the Nucleus Freedom. This will enable the BTE controller to be worn on the small ears of babies with a small controller that will attach to the baby’s clothing in a variety of ways.

Cochlear is making the Babyworn system available to children born after April 11, 2002 for free. They will be sending out postcards announcing this offer.

Read more about the Babyworn product and its availability to Nucleus Users.


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  1. Shannon Runyon said

    My 10 month old son was implanted on August 6, 2007 and we chose the Nucleus Babyworn system for him. So far we really love it with the exception of the direction of the wire that connects to the processor. It comes out of the BTE in the front and it would be much better if it came out towards the back so when you attach it to the clothing the wire would not be as easy for your baby to reach. When my son wears his the wire loops onto his shoulder and makes it alot more noticeable to him. If it came out the back it would just run right down behind his ear and down his back. Otherwise we love it and it is very small. The school my son attends made note of it and was going to contact Cochlear.

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