Broward Times – Family must sell home to fund implant for deaf daughter

The family of a young Florida girl that was denied cochlear implants by her insurance company is faced with having to sell their home in order to come up with funds for cochlear implant surgery.

The Article in the Broward Times notes how the insurance company denied coverage as it was a preexisting condition. Since the cost of cochlear implant surgery is near the $100,000 range, the sale of their home is required in order to come up with the large funds.

Donations can be given to the orginazation listed in the article.

Although one’s heart does go out to the parents of this girl, one cannot blame the insurance company for this denial. Although insurance companies tend to misbehave in these coverages, especially regarding bilateral implants, this case is justified. I don’t agree with those who claim that the denial is a violation of discrimination laws, and I would rather focus on getting this girl the help she so desperately needs.



  1. Diane said

    Being Deaf is free and harmless .. Why would they sell the house for that?! I am not against CI or anything. I have been Deaf for 42 years and I am happy – but one thing is Tinnitus … I am not too happy.

  2. Ella Lentz said

    I am really sorry but from my (and many others’ I am sure) perspective that the whole thing is truly ridiculous! $100,000 for CIs and giving up the asset (house) that would probably benefit that Deaf daughter the most in the long run. I am truly concerned at the potential exploitation of the immigrant family by the system. I wonder if its a way to prevent immigrants from owning property by convincing them to give up the house as the ONLY option to support their child. After all, it would be so much wiser and long-term and healthier to just simply investing in the Florida School for the Deaf in St. Augustine and ensuring its curriculum keeps up with the best education possible. It would make $100,000 go so long and so broad with so much better results than sacrificing a home for the WHOLE family for just the “hearing” of one child who will forever be “Deaf”. I just cannot believe this.

  3. peter artinian said

    Hi I read your article that your daughter want to have ci. I suggest you to continue fight with insurance or go to court . I am father for 3 kids who had cochlea implants covers by insurance.

    Peter Artinian

  4. Jeannette said

    It was my impression that insurance rarely pays for it. Medicaid will cover it.

    I have to admit, to me (a hearing person) getting a CI to me isn’t worth selling one’s house. My son got one, Medicaid covers it, because insurance doesn’t. Maybe that’s just my state. We were conflicted enough about the CI, though, that we wouldn’t have lost a valuable asset to get one.

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