Does the Freedom Bodyworn Give Better Sound than the BTE?

nucleus freedom BDW


nucleus freedom BTE

In meeting with my daughter’s school audiologist yesterday, he mentioned that he was under the impression that the sound produced by the Nucleus Freedom Bodyworn processor is superior to that of the BTE model.

We wonder if this is indeed true. According to what we’ve heard, and as was described in great length at the most recent Cochlear Celebration, both kinds of Freedom processors are the same – as they are completely modular. The only difference between them is the battery power.

We wonder what Cochlear would say to the audiologist’s impressions. Probably they would vehemently disagree. Similarly, at the Celebration they denied any meaningful difference between using rechargeable or alkaline batteries, while some users swear that there is a noticeable loss of quality while using rechargeables.



  1. Billy said

    I disagree – I have both and both are compatible in similiarity. And actually I use the rechargable battery for my bte and I find no difference between the alkaline or my rechargable. But good post anyways! 🙂

  2. Gurpreet said

    I am looking for some feedback on new Nucleus Freedom Cochlear sound processor. My son had cochlear implant in 2003 and received 3G/SPrint processor. Now cochlear developed new Freedom processor with rechargeable batteries and showed lot of improvements in their studies. Should I spent my own $5000 to buy this new processor for my son since insurance will not cover the expense. Please advice if anyone has experienced improvement with new freedom processor.

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