Nucleus Babyworn – Good or Bad?

It has been a few months since Cochlear released the Nucleus Babyworn System that allows infants to use the Freedom BTE controller by attaching the processor to their clothing.

We are curious as to what percentage of parents are preferring this method over the traditional way which is to use the bodyworn controller until the child is able to wear the BTE comfortably on their ears.

Some parents have reported that their infants are able to pull the processor off the clips of the Babyworn. We have not noticed any change in order levels for our shirts. This would suggest that parents are still preferring the bodyworn controllers for their infants.

Please Post comments of your own personal experiences.Β  Many others will benefit from what you may have to say! πŸ™‚


  1. Heather said

    We’ve only been using the baby-worn controller for one week and so far so good. We don’t like the clip or the safety pin option and have been using his hearing pocket onesies to hold both of the batteries (he is bilateral) and it works great.

  2. Amy said

    My two boys wore or are wearing the Med-el configuration like this. We’ve used it for years, with the difference that you can attach them with an actual safety pin (screwed in temporarily by a fixation bar). We love it. By two to 3 years of age they transition to the BTE. We started using a configuration like this back in 2001 with my older son, and now are using it w/ my 18 month old. We enjoy never having to change processors or use a large, cumbersome bodyworn. The small processor is not more fragile, just tinier! I believe all the manufacturers will likely eventually do away with the larger body worn processors, since the technology is being made smaller and doesn’t need such a large case. Most likely the reason you are still seeing the same number of orders is just because there is such an increase in the entire number of CI recipients. Not that I want your business affected! πŸ˜› But I just believe that miniaturization is likely the “wave of the future.”


  3. Sendy Jean-Louis said

    I love the new baby worn system since my son has bilateral CI. It is less bulky. However, I decided to try to the hearing pockets to place the 2 BTE controller because the clips are a little bit burdensome.
    I have a question of my own : Has you or anyone else try to trade in the body worn controller in order to receive BTE instead? I have only one BTE for each CI and trying to turn in the body worn controller with some difficult.


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