Open Letter to PHONAK – Maker of FM Systems for Cochlear Implants

grayPhonak Inc., USA
4520 Weaver Parkway
Warrenville , IL 60555-3927

Esteemed Product Engineer:

The following letter has been written by my 7-year old daughter, who is a user of your products.

Why did you make the shoe and the wire for the FM system that attaches to my Freedom the color gray? Does that make any sense? If it is for white people, then it should be beige. And if it is for black people, then it should be brown. But there are no gray people! Please write me back with an answer. Gray is such a silly color that looks so funny on me.

Yours truly,

Miriam, 7
Brooklyn, NY

P.S. I hope you change it soon.


  1. Tammy Becton said

    I totally agree with this child. I am a parent of African American twin 3 year olds whom both use your products and I can’t understand why in the world you made the cords grey either. The devices are an eyesore as it is but thanks for really making it look tackie!

  2. Heather said

    Great letter Miriam! You really pose a good question and I hope you get an answer! fr

  3. Anna said

    I personally think beige looks medical and I very mush prefer grey.

  4. Andy Paterson said

    Having in the past nearly lost one of my FM receivers (the newer MlxS variety which are an even more gaudy silver, I can testify that I am glad they are coloured so prominantly.
    If they werent the colour they are I think you would have a LOT of trouble finding it if you dropped one.
    Just my 10c!

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