Advanced Bionics CEO Holds Online Chat

advanced-bionicsAdvanced Bionics President & CEO Mr. Jeff Greiner will be holding an online chat tonight (Sept. 8th) at 8 PM ET. The topic of the chat is officially about AB’s commitment to support every generation of AB recipient. Most likely the interesting part of the discussion will be the Q & A following the event.

We have seen a tremendous surge in the amount of young children receiving cochlear implants over the past two years. This is due to early infant screenings, and insurance companies becoming more agreeable to the reimbursement of cochlear implantation of younger children.

We’ll have someone on the chat, and try to get some of our questions answered. Some of the topics we’d be interested in are:

  1. How far away are we from the “internal speech processor”?
  2. AB’s response to Cochlear Corporation’s Freedom processor.
  3. Battery life in the body worn processors.
  4. Bilateral cochlear implants – Is this still a novelty or is it becoming standard practice?
  5. What does the insurance reimbursement front look like – both with regards to the actual surgery as well as the follow up care such as audiological and speech/language sessions and evaluations?

We look forward to posting our recap of the chat here.

CLICK HERE for the link to the online chat.

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