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Bike Helmets for Cochlear Implant?

bike helmetAn “in-your-face” reminder that she is deaf…………………

Yesterday afternoon, my 5 year old daughter fell off her bike and scratched her face up terribly. (I’ll spare you the agony of having to see the damage. )

Thankfully, she didn’t hurt herself too badly. However, it did serve to remind us that she is a deaf child. You see, the advances she has made using her cochlear implant make us forget sometimes that she is deaf. But moments like these make us stop for a second and realize that she really is deaf, and it is amazing how well she does.


Because when we scolded her for not wearing a helmet, she cried, “I don’t like my helmet ’cause it always knocks my implants off!!” She ended up falling and getting hurt because she doesn’t like the helmet.

So I guess our next job is to produce a “Hearing Pocket” Bicycle Helmet that won’t knock the coils off the head. But just how do we go about manufacturing such a product? Would there be enough of a market for them?

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