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Testing at University of Wisconsin – Part 1

Bilateral Cochlear Implant testing

Bilateral Cochlear Implant testing

As we told you previously, our daughter took part in a study to assess the positive effects of bilateral cochlear implants at the Speech and Hearing Lab of the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Here is a photo of our daugher looking on as she is placed in the booth with a semi-circle array of speakers. She was instructed to try and detect where the sound is originating from by using a computer mouse to click on the speaker that she believes the sound originates from.

This is to try and gauge the benefits of sound localization that are being realized from having bilateral implants.

We will give more details of her trip in future posts.

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Going to Madison, WI for Binaural Testing

girl with bilateral cochlear implants on the way to mainstream school
As our daughter has passed the second anniversary of her bilateral implant activation, we are choosing to have her participate in a federally funded research that is conducted by Professor Ruth Litovsky at the Waisman Center of the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Our daughter, who is 6 years old and has been profoundly deaf since birth, will be tested thoroughly in order to gain more insight into the benefits of bilateral implantation vs. single ear implants.

She is scheduled to travel to Madison next week – we will keep you posted on the details of the trip and the tests.

Stay tuned!

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Broward Times – Family must sell home to fund implant for deaf daughter

The family of a young Florida girl that was denied cochlear implants by her insurance company is faced with having to sell their home in order to come up with funds for cochlear implant surgery.

The Article in the Broward Times notes how the insurance company denied coverage as it was a preexisting condition. Since the cost of cochlear implant surgery is near the $100,000 range, the sale of their home is required in order to come up with the large funds.

Donations can be given to the orginazation listed in the article.

Although one’s heart does go out to the parents of this girl, one cannot blame the insurance company for this denial. Although insurance companies tend to misbehave in these coverages, especially regarding bilateral implants, this case is justified. I don’t agree with those who claim that the denial is a violation of discrimination laws, and I would rather focus on getting this girl the help she so desperately needs.

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Free Insurance Support for Cochlear Implant Candidates

Cochlear Corp. Logo

Did you know that you can receive free insurance support if you are having difficulty getting coverage for a cochlear implant?

Cochlear Americas has available a service to provide insurance support for prospective cochlear implant candidates for any company’s CI and Baha devices, at no charge. That means, that even if you are considering an Advanced Bionics or a Med-El cochlear implant, you can still request their assistance with receiving coverage from your insurance company.

As noted in a previous post, many people are having a hard time getting approval for coverage of a bilateral implant. Although many insurance companies are allowing them, there are still a few that can give a hard time.

This service provided by Cochlear Corp., will deal with the insurance company directly to secure coverage of the bilateral implant if it is recommended by your audiologist. Their specialists are trained in dealing with insurance company procedures and bureaucracies, and can get approval a lot faster and easier than you can on your own.

To contact Cochlear’s Insurance Support Team (OHS), call (800) 633-4667.

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Bilateral Implants to Feature in Upcoming Film

Expect the issue of Bilateral Implants and the practice of many insurance companies to deny reimbursement to feature prominently in an upcoming movie.

Michael Moore, the controversial film maker famous for his criticism of President Bush, has produced a film bashing the Medical Insurance Industry titled “Sicko”, that is scheduled for release this upcoming weekend.

In the film, he feautres a story of a young deaf infant that was only approved for one implant surgery, as two would’ve been considered “experimental”.

Read this review of the film from the Hartford Courant .

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