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Babyworn and Snugfit – More Details

As previously noted, Cochlear is about to release the Babyworn accessory for the Nucleus Freedom. This will enable the BTE controller to be worn on the small ears of babies with a small controller that will attach to the baby’s clothing in a variety of ways.

Cochlear is making the Babyworn system available to children born after April 11, 2002 for free. They will be sending out postcards announcing this offer.

Read more about the Babyworn product and its availability to Nucleus Users.

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Cochlear is Listening to You

FreedomCochlear Corp. recently sent out a survey to its users and volunteers with a host of questions relating to their products and services. This is a wonderful opportunity to make your feelings heard on topics ranging from their cochlear implant speech processors, accessories, online shopping, overall cochlear implant support, troubleshooting, and anything of interest to you as a cochlear implant parent or user.

Since they do not have everyone’s contact information, it would do them and you a great service to take part in this important survey. Here is the message we received:


Cochlear Americas is focused on identifying ways we can help improve our
relationship with members of our recipient family. We've made a lifetime
commitment to be your hearing health partner, so we want to know how you
feel about your experiences with Cochlear. In an effort to capture your 
opinions, we've prepared a brief survey. We greatly appreciate your 
 Thank you!
Cochlear Americas

Take Me to the Nucleus Cochlear Implant Recipient Survey

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