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Northeast Cochlear Implant Convention

The Sixth Northeast Cochlear Implant Convention will be held shortly on July 13-15 in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, right outside Boston.

Elana Perlin, a mother of a 7 year old daughter with cochlear implants, has attended many¬† conventions over the years. She describes the Sturbridge convention as very unique and different from the others, such as Cochlear Celebration. “This is a convention that is focused on learning and information. Although there is also the opportunity to socialize and have fun, the learning sessions are very intense.”

This convention is hosted by The Minuteman Implant Club, a non-profit cochlear implant support group for the New England – Greater Boston Area. The presenters at the convention are mainly the familiar faces from all conventions, such as representatives from Cochlear and Advanced Bionics, and professionals from the world renowned Children’s Hospital of Boston Cochlear Implant Division.

These conventions provide a great opportunity to learn how to accomplish the most with your child’s implants and achieve even greater levels of success. Attendees come back recharged, inspired, and the feeling of “we can do it!” Read about the recent Cochlear Celebration held in San Antonio in February 2007.

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