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New York Times Article on Follow Up Hearing Test for Newborns

Newborn babyThe New York Times has authored an informative article on the lack of follow-up testing for newborns that fail the initial hearing screening. It seems that although most infants are screened for hearing loss at birth, they tend not to follow up with further testing.

We guess that this is due to the lack of encouragement from the family physician. We remember when our daughter failed the hearing screening at birth, our doctor was all reassuring that nothing is wrong. We were temporarily lulled into a false sense of security by his claims.

It is important that family physicians become more educated regarding infant hearing loss and the treatments available. By becoming aware of the importance of early hearing loss detection and intervention, many hearing impaired children would receive treatment earlier on.

The Hearing Loss Fact Sheet shows the costs of a hearing impaired person when they are not treated timely. Now, with the advent of cochlear implants, children should be receiving them in much greater numbers.

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