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Broward Times – Family must sell home to fund implant for deaf daughter

The family of a young Florida girl that was denied cochlear implants by her insurance company is faced with having to sell their home in order to come up with funds for cochlear implant surgery.

The Article in the Broward Times notes how the insurance company denied coverage as it was a preexisting condition. Since the cost of cochlear implant surgery is near the $100,000 range, the sale of their home is required in order to come up with the large funds.

Donations can be given to the orginazation listed in the article.

Although one’s heart does go out to the parents of this girl, one cannot blame the insurance company for this denial. Although insurance companies tend to misbehave in these coverages, especially regarding bilateral implants, this case is justified. I don’t agree with those who claim that the denial is a violation of discrimination laws, and I would rather focus on getting this girl the help she so desperately needs.

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Free Insurance Support for Cochlear Implant Candidates

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Did you know that you can receive free insurance support if you are having difficulty getting coverage for a cochlear implant?

Cochlear Americas has available a service to provide insurance support for prospective cochlear implant candidates for any company’s CI and Baha devices, at no charge. That means, that even if you are considering an Advanced Bionics or a Med-El cochlear implant, you can still request their assistance with receiving coverage from your insurance company.

As noted in a previous post, many people are having a hard time getting approval for coverage of a bilateral implant. Although many insurance companies are allowing them, there are still a few that can give a hard time.

This service provided by Cochlear Corp., will deal with the insurance company directly to secure coverage of the bilateral implant if it is recommended by your audiologist. Their specialists are trained in dealing with insurance company procedures and bureaucracies, and can get approval a lot faster and easier than you can on your own.

To contact Cochlear’s Insurance Support Team (OHS), call (800) 633-4667.

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Bilateral Implants to Feature in Upcoming Film

Expect the issue of Bilateral Implants and the practice of many insurance companies to deny reimbursement to feature prominently in an upcoming movie.

Michael Moore, the controversial film maker famous for his criticism of President Bush, has produced a film bashing the Medical Insurance Industry titled “Sicko”, that is scheduled for release this upcoming weekend.

In the film, he feautres a story of a young deaf infant that was only approved for one implant surgery, as two would’ve been considered “experimental”.

Read this review of the film from the Hartford Courant .

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Insurance Denying Bilateral Implants

More and more we hearing how insurance companies are giving a hard time with approving bilateral implants. In the beginning, when getting a second implant was not so popular, the insurance companies usually gave approval without much hassle. Now, as it gains in popularity, it seems that many companies are trying to deny as many cases as possible.

This is especially true with state funded insurance companies, such as Medicaid. In New York, for example, Medicaid will only pay for the cost of the bilateral implant after surgery, when the progress can be evaluated! Understandably, hospitals will refuse to perform the procedure, as they don’t know if they will be reimbursed. Canada’s Health System also refuses to grant approval for many children who wish to receive a second implant.

Read a recent article about a family in Canada who were denied coverage for their daughter’s bilateral implants.

Let them Hear is an organization dedicated to fighting insurance company denials for the hearing impaired. They have a dedicated website where one can submit an application to have their denial appealed by their professional staff. They review applications on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Read more about these and other issues on the Hearing Pocket Articles page.

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