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Plastic Playground Equipment and Cochlear Implants

Long Plastic SlideIt is a well advised message that parents of young children with cochlear implants should take heed Рespecially for the summer. DO NOT let your child slide down a plastic slide with their implant on their head. The static electricity caused by sliding down will zap the program out of the processor.  You will have to go back to your implant center to have the processor reprogrammed.

However, the newer implants seem to be able to withstand minor static electricity, such as walking with your socks on a carpeted floor with the heat on. But sliding down a large slide in the summer will probably be enough to zap the program.

Remind your child to remove the coils from their head just before sliding down. Your child will likely not want to cooperate, as it takes a lot of the fun away.

This once happened to us and we had to get the processor reprogrammed. However, if it is far away and you don’t want to have to bring your child in, you can FedEx it to them and they will reinstall the most recent map without actually having to test your child. If your child is due a new mapping soon, it is probably wise to do the mapping now.

This “minor” inconvenience is another one of those “reminders” that your child actually is deaf!

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