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Going to Madison, WI for Binaural Testing

girl with bilateral cochlear implants on the way to mainstream school
As our daughter has passed the second anniversary of her bilateral implant activation, we are choosing to have her participate in a federally funded research that is conducted by Professor Ruth Litovsky at the Waisman Center of the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Our daughter, who is 6 years old and has been profoundly deaf since birth, will be tested thoroughly in order to gain more insight into the benefits of bilateral implantation vs. single ear implants.

She is scheduled to travel to Madison next week – we will keep you posted on the details of the trip and the tests.

Stay tuned!

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Child’s Voice of Wood Dale, Ill. in the Chicago Tribune

Our good friends at Child’s Voice School for Hearing Impaired children outside Chicago were reported on in the Chicago Tribune. In the article, Michele Wilkins, the school’s director, described how she started the school back with only a few children, and how the school has grown over the years.

Interestingly, Michele tells how the enrollment has declined over the recent past due to the increase of mainstreaming children with deafness into ordinary schools, which can be directly tied to the amazing results achieved by the use of cochlear implants.

I just edited the Wikipedia article about cochlear implants, which stated that the results of cochlear implants in children “have been mixed”. All you parents know that the cochlear implant produces amazing results, and certainly the child is better off with them than without.

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Am I Deaf?

GraduationYesterday, our 5 year old daughter graduated from Kindergarden!!! (yes, a regular class in a regular school)

Graduation When we were talking to her recently, we asked her, “What does deaf mean?” She had no clue.

“How about Blind, what does that mean?” “Oh, that means you can’t see.”

“Well deaf means that you can’t hear. Are you deaf?”

“No!” she exclaimed.

It seems like the kids with cochlear implants don’t perceive themselves as deaf since they use their hearing to communicate just like the other kids they meet. They don’t think kids with glasses are blind just because they need glasses!!

Ask your kids what they think. Do they think of themselves as deaf? It sure makes for an interesting conversation.

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