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Getting Into Summer Mode

children playing in swimming poolAs the hot weather comes down hard upon us, we all run to take a dip into the cool waters of the swimming pool. This presents a great challenge for our children. Do we allow them to enter the water with their implants? Most of us will not allow actual swimming in the water with their processor on, even though the new Nucleus Freedom processor is water resistant.

It is almost impossible for your child to hear properly with their implant if they are in the pool with other children, as it is just too noisy. Moments like this is when you are reminded that your child is actually deaf. Your child will pose a challenge to the lifeguard, who will not be able to scream at the child for not responding to the whistle blow! You likely have to keep an eye out to ensure your child is safe at all times.

Teaching them to swim is also quite hard without the benefit of their cochlear implant. Our daughter seems to act up something terrible when she is without her implant, which makes the teaching process just impossible.

Do you think that it would be OK to let your child swim with the Nucleus Freedom processor? The Cochlear Website only mentions getting caught in the rain or sweat, but not swimming. That’s why they call it “water-resistant”, not waterproof. There are also reports that swimming with the implant will void the warranty, but I don’t know if this refers to the Freedom Processor as well.

Let’s hear your opinions on the matter.

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