Cochlear Bodyworn, Snugfit – Details and Availability

Babyworn and Snugfit

Introducing three new accessories specially designed to help our smallest recipients grow, play and hear more freely with the Nucleus® Freedom™ cochlear implant system.
Now your child can enjoy more Freedom™ than ever before. Specifically created to meet the unique needs of babies, toddlers and children, these innovative new accessories offer exceptional comfort, security and retention for kids and their parents.
Grow Smarter
The Nucleus® Freedom™ Babyworn™ Wearing System grows with your little one by providing two flexible wearing options using the same standard BTE controller*. Now kids can start wearing the controller on the body, then transition into a traditional BTE configuration later on.
One single Nucleus® Freedom™ standard BTE controller – two ways for your child to wear it. No additional controllers needed. And when you are using the controller on the body, the Babyworn retention case has three interchangeable clothing attachment choices, including safety pins, alligator clip, and hook and loop panels. Accessory use is always an option as the Babyworn cable features an accessory connector shoe.
The Babyworn retention case and cable are both designed with tamper-resistant features, making it difficult for small hands to access and remove the batteries or remove the cable from the other components. The durable polycarbonate case also helps protect the controller from damage, even during vigorous play.
The reduced size and weight of the Babyworn body configuration is a more comfortable and stable wearing option for small ears. Plus, the 10-inch cable allows you to attach the retention case in a variety of upper body positions, depending on your child’s activities.
*The Nucleus® Freedom™ Babyworn™ Wearing System is not compatible with the Freedom™ Mini BTE Controller
Play Harder
The Nucleus® Freedom™ Snugfit™ is a better way to keep processors and microphones where they work best — on the ear. The Snugfit helps ensure that even the most active children can enjoy an uninterrupted hearing experience. Made with soft, flexible material, the Snugfit easily adjusts to gently hug the delicate ears of children 12 months old and up. It’s suitable for use with the Nucleus® Freedom™ standard BTE, Mini™ BTE, Babyworn™ and Bodyworn™ controller configurations, and helps keep ear-level components securely and comfortably in place all day long.
Hear Safely
Designed for parents with curious toddlers, the Nucleus® Freedom™ Tamper-Resistant Battery Holder makes it more difficult for little fingers to access, remove or lose disposable batteries. The specially-designed battery holder base has four small holes that align with prongs on the convenient pulling tool for easy removal. If the pulling tool can’t be located, the battery holder can be manually removed without the tool, but it is more difficult. The Tamper-Resistant Battery Holder is available for both the Mini™ BTE controller and the Freedom standard BTE controller, and comes in six color choices to match the BTE color options.
Now Cochlear™ is making it easier than ever before for your child to grow with Freedom! Be sure to check out the Product Spotlight section in this addition of Nucleus News for more detailed information on these new products, or visit our online store at
to place an order.
Limited Time Offer
All families with children born on or after April 11, 2002 will receive a postcard in the mail explaining the Babyworn limited time offer. The Babyworn and Snugfit may be ordered at no charge. Simply complete and return the postcard to place the order.
This is a limited time offer expiring on September 15, 2007. There will be a second mailing to catch those missed initially; the second offer expires on November 20, 2007. We are sorry we cannot extend the offer to all children over the age of five. For children born prior to April 11, 2002; orders can be placed on-line or through customer service beginning August 13, 2007. The Retail cost for the Babyworn is $240.00. The Snugfit retails for $36.00.

Here is a photo of the new Babyworn system, courtesy of Cochlear Americas:

Nucleus Babyworn System



  1. patty Hill said

    the part that hold the controller are constantly breaking on us, anything else out on the market that is more sturdy.

  2. Jeanine Lormand said

    Yes we have that same trouble all the time with the controller and processor breaking. Please read the trouble I have been having and email me.
    let me tell you a little about Cochlear America. They will do any type of lying and deciet that they can to get a sale. They have had so many citations for illegal doings. They over charged medicare and health insurances, they gave perks (points to be traded in for cash, supplies and trips) to doctors and audiologist for every cochlear implant device they sold, Here is some of problems we faced with cochlear and please remember we only been dealing with them for under 3 years. No one from audiologist to cochlear company told us about the issue that once implanted you can not have a M R I , No one told us that their is an extra electrode placed just beneath the skin , They did tell us that there is several size magnets that can be use to hold the coil secure but what they didn’t tell us till after the surgery and we needed a bigger size magnet about the extra electrode migration — which means that the extra electrode is know to turn towards the magnet especially if a bigger magnet is used so my children who could not walk till after age 2 so they couldn’t keep the coil on but for a few seconds at a time because we couldn’t use higher than a size one magnet and every time they would turn their head from side to side while crawling to see where they were going the coil would fall. I was told not to worry that in the event of a disaster like the building catching on fire are a hurricane wipes out the building that the maps would be kept in a national data base so we could access them from any where.—- That is why my son who has been out of school for 2 weeks for the holidays and his processers are both broken can not have any sent to him for replacement from cochlear company why ? ? ? Because there is no such thing as a national data base _______ go figure ))))))))))))) I’m so dumb to have fallen for that one. Company’s were closed last week for Christmas so I called cochlear americas on Monday and they said they would get maps and the mail them out to us —- today I found out our audiologist is out from Dec 28 Till Jan 4 so no one else can give our maps to cochlear company and I know the answer as to why oh yea because we been that route before In March of 2008 I called cochlear because my son who loves to wear his hearing device is now handing it to me every few minutes telling me to change batteries well i tried switching parts to see what exactly was wrong with it but it was difficult because i kept getting respones the same no matter what i changed well looking at every piece seperatly i found that where the processer and controller connect has very thin clips so thin I don’t know how they stay on . well thats the whole problem both processers clips were broken so even though it looked like it was working to me it really wasn’t . Both processers were broken so called cochlear and said i need both my boys each 2 new procerrs because even the back up ones are barely holding on so they sent me 2 processers for brennon my youngest a few days later and i wait a few more days then call cochlear back and say where is my other sons processers they say oh it looks like we didnt get maps for him yet .. She said i will get right on it a few days later Bryce’s were in. Well we had a horrible time trying to get Brennon to wear his processers he kept throwing it off yelling, screaming trying to push us away and i called our audiologist and she said oh no he rebeling remember u have to keep putting it back on no matter what he does always put it back on. I said but he cries like it hurts him she said impossible it can’t hurt him in no way will he ever feel any type of pain from the processer. I’m so DUMB DUMB !!@ Four months later in July we go to see our audiologist who is 2 1/2 hours away (with our 2 sons ages 2 and 3 both implanted) and when she puts Brennon’s ear on computer she says whos map is this oh had to laugh I thought she was joking as she is the only one who can map. OH NO she was serious well the way it happened from pushing her and cochlear america for an answer is when Brennon’s precesser was being replaced at cochlear they got his mapping from Tanya so they could map it at cochlear and then mail it to us well tanya says that it must have been a person who was hired to do the ordering for her but now that person no longer works for her so when she is out of the office now no matter how long we are without maps should the need be. So for 4 months they say my child rebeling but no he wasn’t he was in agnony come to find out they think he was mapped with an adults map but woa wait I was told that he had a chip in his head that would prevent someone elses processer from bring sound to him if he were to accidently put on some one elses map ?????? Oh but maybe it was id for him when they put in adults map so no wonder he was scared out his mind and I like a stupid fool kept putting it back on him. Poor child refuses to wear his device now and he is slowly going blind if not for the blindness I would let him have his choice of being deaf.
    Another time I had to order a coil because the teeth on ours was broken and what did they send me === they sent me a broken coil with teeth missing. No way would I recommend Cochlear America. Oh and everytime I called and asked why are the pieces breaking so often their answer was well look at their ages they are not gentle at that age. First off my youngest child loved wearing his implant and never fussed till that bad day in march and my 4 year old has never taken his ear off except to go take his bath in the last year. He likes hearing so much that I have to take it off him after he falls asleep most nights. The fact remains that iF COCHLEAR AMERICA SELLS DEVICES FOR KIDS IT SHOULD BE MADE FOR KIDS HOW DID F D A APPROVE THIS. !!!!!!! Freedom cochlear device is not what it seems to be.

  3. Jeanine Lormand said

    Cochlear and the elliptical logo are trademarks of Cochlear Limited.
    January 8, 2010
    Delivered by email –
    TO: Mrs. Geisendorff
    Mrs. Geisendorff:
    Cochlear Americas’ (“Cochlear”) customer service department forwarded your demands to me,
    due to your threat of litigation. Cochlear appreciate that you provided us additional time to
    evaluate and respond to your demands. Please forward this letter to your lawyer if you have
    engaged one.
    First of all, please note that it is very unlikely that a valid legal claim exists against Cochlear
    relating to the issues your children have had with their Cochlear sound processor parts. The
    1976 Medical Devices Amendments (“MDA”) provide clear pre-emption of state claims for
    FDA PMA approved Class III devices. Your sons’ cochlear implant devices are Class III
    devices that were approved pursuant to the PMA process. Courts consistently uphold this
    preemption, which eliminates state asserted product liability, negligence, strict liability, and
    implied warranty claims. See e.g., Riegel v. Medtronic, 128 S. Ct. 999 (U.S. 2008).
    Additionally, the wear and tear issues your sons are experiencing are not design defects. It
    appears that your sons’ are primarily having issues related to the external part called the bayonet,
    which attaches the sound processor to the controller. This type of issue does occur periodically,
    especially with child recipients. Children are inclined to have slightly more breakages with the
    external parts. You have received the appropriate remedies in accordance with the warranty on
    the products. The warranty provides the remedy for any product found “not to be of
    merchantable quality, reasonably fit for the purpose or purposes for which it was supplied, or if it
    has defects in workmanship or materials during the warranty period.” Among the remedies are
    to replace the product, which Cochlear has consistently done in your sons’ situations. A copy of
    the warranty card is attached.
    We regret your dissatisfaction with your sons’ Cochlear implant external device. However,
    Cochlear has satisfied its obligations to you. It has provided your sons with replacement parts as
    needed, at no charge, all in accordance with the warranty on the parts.
    Cochlear and the elliptical logo are trademarks of Cochlear Limited. 2
    Nevertheless, Cochlear remains willing to try to address some of your inconvenience and general
    dissatisfaction with your sons’ parts. We would like to have one of our clinical application
    specialists (“CAS”) arrange to meet with you at your audiologist’s offices to review each of your
    sons’ processors and associated parts to see if we can provide you with any suggestions to
    minimize the wear and tear on the parts and to assess the condition of the existing parts. If there
    are parts needing replacement, the CAS can facilitate the replacement with equivalent Freedom
    parts. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please contact Sara Causin at 504-834-
    7852 and she will make the arrangements.
    Kind Regards,
    Debra O’Connor
    General Counsel
    cc: Tanya Anderpont at Ochsner Clinic
    Sara Causin

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